Cool sheets during summer times

With bed sheets from Melimeli you sleep well even during the warmest nights. Those of you who remember last summer know that record warm Sweden affected people's lives and sleep. Fans sold out and people went to the shade.. After a long summer evening outdoors there is a desire to crawl into a cool bed with lovely crispy sheets. With a wire density of 400, sheets from Melimeli an embracing feeling while not getting too hot. (which is double the density of ordinary percal.) No matter what temperature awaits us this summer, the right kind of sheets are always a grateful investment

Melimeli 's sheets are manufactured by the main manufacturers in Europe and have undergone a long process before a finished product has been presented. Our goal was to create the best bedding for our customers. Bedding that can be compared to the feeling you get to lie down in a hotel bed. In other words, it's okay if you snooze. With bedding from Melimeli you're always a winner.

The bed linen is white with two embroidered frames in black and made of percale with a thread density of 400. When you buy an entire set, it comes in a nice laundry bag in MeliMelis blue signature color. This set also includes a pair of wonderfully soft slippers.

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