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MELIMELI HOMES – Estée Lalonde

Where do you find inspiration for your home style?
I really love my home to feel comfortable and lived in, but not too much clutter. I like to mix new pieces with lots of vintage pieces to create a nice mix. It’s really down to trial and error as each space is so different. Sometimes I buy things thinking it will work perfectly, but it doesn’t suit the room so it’s all about finding what works in the space. I always think that a home/your sacred space is never fully complete and is always evolving. Time allows us to bring in new pieces while letting go of others.

What are your top 5 things that you couldn’t live without in your home?
Definitely my bathtub! Some people might say their bed, but a bath is so important to me and helps me unwind like nothing else. Number 2 would be my stunning MeliMeli sofa! It’s so chic, timeless and unbelievably comfortable. Number 3 would be some incense. Every time I need to create a calmer, more zen atmosphere at home, burning a stick of incense does the trick. Number 4 is my Smeg fridge and kettle that I literally couldn’t live without! The kettle especially as it’s an essential item to fuel my constant English breakfast tea habit. Last but not least, my beautiful wishbone dining chairs- you can’t go wrong.

Is there a piece in your home that has traveled with you from each place you have lived in?
My seashell jewellery box that I bought in Maine, USA when I was just 19. It is so sentimental for me and reminds me of a very special time in my life. It is still in such good condition (despite many moves) and ahhh it really takes me back. I keep it on my bookshelf and like to keep my Polaroids there to hold even more memories.

What does home mean to you?
Home is a space that I always feel safe in. I spend a lot of time at home due to the nature of my work. I have recently become as interested in homeware as I am with fashion and beauty because I just love being surrounded by things that I have personally picked out for the space. Home is the place I have been able to make beautiful memories in and I have grown so much in these four walls.

Any decorating you’re looking to do in your home soon? Or something new style you are looking for?
I am looking for some special plant pots. I love ceramics in general but I really feel like they come alive when plants are involved. Some of my plants have outgrown their little homes and I need to do some repotting! I might make that my weekend task….

Lucie sofa

En soffa för den stora familjen och de små betydelsefulla stunderna. En soffa för den lilla tvåan mitt i stan, men också för den gamla övergivna tågstationen på landet som ni plötsligt bestämde er för att renovera. En soffa att sjunka ner i, skratta i, kanske sova i – när gästerna blir många eller kvällen inte slutar riktigt som du tänkt dig. 

3-sits eller 7-sits? Med eller utan puff? Eller kanske en generös hörnsoffa där barn och bonusbarn, gamla vänner och nya kärlekar alla får plats tillsammans?

LUCIE är en handgjord modulsoffa av högsta kvalitet, designad av Amelia Widell och namngiven efter hennes yngsta dotter.

”Kanske vår skönaste soffa hittills, och alldeles säkert vår mest flexibla. Du formar och förändrar den efter ditt eget liv – bara du vet hur den kommer att se ut imorgon.” Amelia Widell , Grundare och Kreativ chef.

Lucie går att få i samtliga sammet och linnetyger som finns i MELIMELI´s tygkollektion. Provsitt och inspireras i MELIMELI´S butik i Gamla stan i Stockholm.

MELIMELI HOMES – Thérèse Hellström

We met up with fashionista Thérèse Hellström known as @tesshell to talk about the importance of interior. Tess are based in Paris and work as a fashion director for the danish brand Custommade and as an writer and fashion contributor at ELLE Sweden.

Where do you find inspiration for your home interior?
By living in Paris you’re exposed to so much inspiration daily that you almost don’t need anything more… but I also love to read through French interior magazines or to visit other people’s homes to find inspiration.

How important is your home for you?
My home is really my “safe place” – especially after the pandemic. I also love everything about being home… To be happy with my apartment is one of the most important things in life for me!

Favorite piece in your home?
My favorite piece at home is definitely the Teddy chairs from MeliMeli. They’re not only chic and trendy, also so comfortable and cozy to have at home.



Creme Velvet


Introducing a new fabric to our MELIMELI family – CREME VELVET
Creme velvet is a premium velvet fabric hand woven in Como Italy made of 100% cotton

Its eggshell color is luxurious, trendy and elegant that you can combine to everything

CREME velvet will be available to choose to all of our interior


Vi öppnar upp vår första fysiska butik på Slussplan 5 i Gamla stan, Stockholm. Med en yta på 460 kvm som inkluderar, showroom, boutique och kontorsplats, allt under samma tak.

MELIMELI Atelier ska vara en plats för inspiration och kreativitet. Interiören i butiken är ett kurerat urval av inredning för både vardagsrum, kök och sovrum. En plats för dig som är ute efter en ny soffa, en accessoar till hemmet, professionell rådgivning eller en kaffe från MELIMELIs kaffebar som är uppbyggd av Cupboards & Goods.

Efter att endast ha funnits online i 5 år, känns det otroligt spännande att öppna en riktig butik och möta våra kunder in real life. Gamla stan och läget precis intill nya Slussen känns intressant och som en självklar träffpunkt i Stockholm. Det ger en möjlighet att få kunder att provsitta våra möbler och bygga en starkare relation till varumärket MELIMELI och vad vi står för

 Amelia Widell, Kreativ chef & grundare av MELIMELI

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