About MeliMeli

Welcome to MeliMeli. This is the beginning of a long-standing love relationship.

The idea behind MeliMeli was born out of a passion that the home should reflect a place where you are free and can be yourself. After many years in the interior design industry and lack of options, Amelia Widell chose to start MeliMeli where each piece of furniture is carefully designed to create an aesthetic whole and at the same time reinforce the personal style of each customer. For the playful, yet artistic minima, there is something to suit everyone. MeliMeli offers signature sofas BLANCA, LUCA and DAHLIA, followed by an expanded product range with puffs, armchairs, benches, headboards, linens and carpets. All furniture is self-designed with textiles of the highest quality. In this way, MeliMeli helps you build an environment that is an extension of your true i.

MeliMeli was founded in 2015 by Amelia Widell and offers high quality and durable furniture in Scandinavian design at a reasonable price. To enable the price model, the retailer has been hijacked and MeliMeli caters directly to the final consumer. MeliMeli stocks no products and the furniture is made to order. This makes it possible to keep low prices in relation to the high quality offered. In everything from body, upholstery, textiles and design is a piece of furniture from MeliMeli meant to last a lifetime.

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