Betty Jar

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Brighten your home with this timeless beautiful handmade ceramic box. This box has a timeless design, and its unique polka dot pattern gives it an exciting expression that gives personality to every home.

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4 cm
10 cm



Our ceramic collection, which is dotted and striped, is a collaboration with WARE that the artist Sabrina Vaino is behind. It is a collection with a mix of pots, jars and candles inspired by our yin/yang collection where patterns are mixed for a more balanced home. The ceramics are handmade in Sabrina's studio outside Stockholm. Each vase is unique as it is handmade in ceramics, which allows variations in color and shape to occur.

"Developing the ceramic collection together with Sabrina has been so inspiring and fun and I love the result that was romantic with a touch of punk. A collection of piercings, patterns and uneven shapes where each product is unique"- Amelia Widell, founder of MELIMELI .

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