Colette Yin/Yang

4,000 kr

Our elegant puff Colette has many advantages due to its height. It is perfect to use as an extra seat around the dining table as guests become more numerous, such as side tables on the sofa or as a footstool. Made from luxurious Italian linen mix, handbuilt in Europe, Colette Yin/Yang has the perfect balance between striped and spotted.

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51 cm
49 cm


For all MeliMelis furniture, dry cleaning is recommended. Our linen mix is a living material that changes and becomes more and more beautiful over time.


Spotted & striped puff

The truth behind the beauty of the spotted and striped differences.

Night and day – love and hate Ying and Yang, spotted and striped.
Some things can only shine with their opposite. The beauty with differences is that they are extreme in their own way, but pale without each other. Two extremes that together create harmony.

We are therefore proud to present our new designs – Spotted and Striped. A playful and timeless collection available throughout MeliMeli 's range. These unique designs give your home a playful and elegant look.

The seat puff is made from a luxurious Italian linen mix from Italy and is made to order.

The seat cushions consist of a cold foam core that is enveloped with a mixture of cut polyether mixed with silicone ball fibers. This combination provides excellent comfort without the cushion collapsing.

Material composition
28% Cotton 21% Flax 51% viscose

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