Dahlia Linen

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Dahlia is a stylish sofa that is both elegant and comfortable and will be the holiest place in your home. Made of luxurious Italian linen mix and hand-built in Europe.


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Delivery time: 6-8 weeks
Dahlia Grande Off White 7-10 days


Width Oroginal
225 cm
Width Grande
235 cm
Deep Original
100 cm
Deep Grande
107 cm
Seating Depth Original
68 cm
Sit-deep Grande
78 cm
65 cm
Seat height
35 cm


For all MeliMelis furniture, dry cleaning is recommended. Our linen mix is a living material that changes and becomes more and more beautiful over time. Remember to poke and swap pads and cushions at regular intervals, to maintain a fresh and spirited couch.


Deep linen sofa for the whole family

Dahlia linen sofa is a stylish sofa that fits in any home. Dahlia in linen is a modern sofa made of luxurious Italian linen mix and handmade in Europe. The Dahlia sofa is designed by MELIMELI founder Amelia Widell and is named after her favorite flower Dahlia that symbolizes elegance, inner strength and dignity. 

  • Available in white, grey and dark grey
  • Luxurious linen material 
  • Maximum convenience
  • Deep sofa
  • Hand made when ordered
  • Available in two sizes

Material composition
28% Cotton 21% Flax 51% viscose

The seat cushions consist of a cold foam core that is enveloped with a mixture of cut polyether mixed with silicone ball fibers. This combination provides excellent comfort without the cushion collapsing. Our sofas are designed with a full seat cushion for maximum comfort. Don't forget to maintain the relationship to your couch by puffing it every now and then.

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